Founded 20 years ago, SEAL is a small organization with big ambitions.

We dream of a Lebanon where all people are empowered to create economic opportunity – and we work with communities across Lebanon to unlock those opportunities.

Fundraising on our behalf is one of the most effective ways to support SEAL. You’ll be directly supporting under-served communities in Lebanon - and younger family members can have the opportunity to learn about being socially responsible while fulfilling a resume requirement!

Host a Coffee Hour Presentation or a Fundraising

Share what you love about SEAL with colleagues at work or friends at home. Host a benefit dinner or drinks party by inviting your friends and explaining SEAL's goals to them, then ask them to contribute by writing a check or donating online. You can plan your event around #GivingTuesday!

SEAL representatives are happy to:
1. Provide presentation materials (such as videos, posters and/or leaftets),
2. Speak at your fundraising events.

For more information, please email us by clicking the link below.

Crowdfund Online

You can challenge yourself or invite one of your kids to try one of the many crowdfunding apps. It’s not only rewarding but also fun!

Set yourself a goal and start accessing a wide range of donors!

Please email us for ideas about crowdfunding apps by clicking the link below.



Make a donation now

Make a one-time donation or give a little bit monthly, you have the option to pay by credit card or PayPal by clicking the link below, or you can send a check to: SEAL, 525 Park Avenue, Suite 5N, NY, NY 10065

Give in Someone’s Honor or Memory

Giving to support the lives of vulnerable communities in Lebanon can be a powerful way to honor someone’s memory.

Don’t forget to select “Dedicate this Donation” on the form when you click the link below.

Amazon Smile

If you go through Amazon Smile instead of the Amazon’s regular site, Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase price to the charity of your choice. Just click the button below:

1. Under Your Account select Change Your Charity
2. Type in Social & Economic Action for Lebanon
3. Click Select and go on shopping

Have your bonds, stocks or mutual funds appreciated to the point where they’re presenting an income tax challenge?

You can benefit from your capital appreciation without having to pay a sizable portion in income taxes by making a gift of appreciated securities to SEAL.

دعم عملنا

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