Technical training in Byblos
Focus Area
Women In The Workforce
Local Partners
Geographic Scope
North Lebanon
300 women

After conducting a thorough rural tourism survey and evaluation, ALDEC identified 20 villages in the Jbeil area for a tourism route, selected fifteen women-owned small businesses along that route, and then trained over 300 women to provide professional services for tourists.

Coursework included hospitality skills, computer literacy, marketing and general management. The route was selected after significant research and analysis from surveys with major tour operators, foreigners, Lebanese citizens living abroad, and locals.

Villages included El Heloue, El Monsef, Gharzouz, Maad, Ghalboun, Bejje, El Kherbe, Hadtoun, Hadtoun, Mayfouq, Douq, Toula, Jrane, Smar Jbeil, Rachana, Madfoun, and Thoum. SEAL covered all surveying and training expenses.

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