Warehouse For a Sorting Facility in Sarafand
Focus Area
Local Partners
Beam of the Environment Association – BEA
Geographic Scope
Sarafand, Saida – South Lebanon
10 Daily workers working in the facility in resorting the non-organic materials, compressing or crashing them and packaging them.
BEA had established in 2015 a sorting facility in Sarafand for the secondary sorting of non-organic wastes. The goal of this facility is to minimize the effect of burning of random dumpsite located in Sarafand where it is burned on a daily basis. Till now about 1800 tons had been recycled instead of burning. BEA had received a $22,000 grant from SEAL in August 2017 for a pickup to help in transporting the sorted wastes (only non-organic materials) from households, schools, institutions and shops to the sorting center. For this project they are requesting funds to build a warehouse - since the existing one needs refurbishing.


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