Wood Shredders in the Chouf
Focus Area
Land & Agriculture
Local Partners
Al-Shouf Cedar Association (ACS)
Geographic Scope
Chouf nearby villages (Niha, Mristy, Jbaa, El Khraybeh, Al Maasser, Al Barouk, Ain Zhelta, Bmahriyeh, Batma, Baazran, Betloun, Ain Dara) – Chouf, Moun
65 workers to collect residues and pruning, 3 maintenance workers and 100 farmers
Al Shouf Cedar Association (ACS) is requesting SEAL to fund the purchase of 2 shredder machines to chop the residues of pruning to lower the risk of fire in forests. This is turn would strengthen the usage of natural materials of organic residues mixing them with olive pits to be used as eco-briquette for healthy heating. ACS is cooperating with local communities and municipalities of 22 villages.


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