Plowing and Transportation Tractor in Kfardounin
Focus Area
Land & Agriculture
Local Partners
Kfardounin Cooperative
$21, 000
Geographic Scope
Kfardounin, Bint Jbeil – Nabatiyeh
50 farmers amongst them 14 coop members and 3 workers
Kfardounin Cooperative members depend on the production of “Freekeh”. They need a tractor to help them reduce financial expenses of plowing 100 dunums in 3 stages annually. The cost of the rental would be at a cost of $20 per hour, which is a substantial financial burden. SEAL is providing the needed tractor to offset the plowing cost and help cooperative members to increase their income.

The tractor will operate in plowing & cultivating around 7 hours daily for a period of 6 months. It will also be used to transporting agricultural yields, collecting them in addition to transporting fertilizers to the fields.


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