Dairy delivery in Moghraka
Focus Area
Land & Agriculture
Local Partners
Le Bon Lait Cooperative for Milk and Dairy Products
Geographic Scope
Moghraka, Akkar
20 families, 210 cow farmers and 13 cooperative members

In 2013, Le Bon Lait Cooperative lost all their cows and much of their business after Storm Alexa hit Lebanon. In spite of the hardship, the cooperative rebuilt its activities, focusing on the quality and diversity of its cheese products and accessing the market. Le Bon Lait had a 5-ton per day production capacity in 2015 but the cooperative was not producing to full capacity before this grant due to the costs and difficulty of transportation from the remote area of Moghraka, which suffers from poor infrastructural investment.

Le Bon Lait's products are 100% natural and preservative-free and they produce over 15 types of milk product including labneh, halloum and akkawi. SEAL’s grant allowed the cooperative to connect its production to the market, allowing a combination of door-to-door distribution direct to local people, as well as selling to confectionary factories and medium-sized companies. The grant has benefited the 210 cow farmers that sell their milk to the cooperative (who buy it at a higher price than other factories); local consumers who benefit from the lower prices of local products; and the 13 cooperative members - many of them women.


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