Food production in Arsoun
Focus Area
Women In The Workforce
Local Partners
Women’s Welfare Association of Arsoun
Geographic Scope
Arsoun, Metn - Mount Lebanon
25 women and 15 - 20 students

The Women’s Welfare Association of Arsoun makes and sells natural and homemade food products known for their health benefits and superior taste. The majority of the products are sold at the Annual Mouneh Fair every September, with the profits going to local needy people. The association’s goal is to provide opportunities for local women (mainly widows, elderly women and disabled women) and students (in order to pay their school and university fees), thereby developing the village.

The association was struggling with traditional and ineffective equipment, which was both tiring for the members and reduced output. SEAL purchased tools including kitchen utensils, ovens, grinding machines and juicers, allowing the association to increase the quantity and quality of its production and thus provide a long-term increase the association’s income, leveraging its capacity to invest in development projects for the village.


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