Water well in Kartaba
Focus Area
Water & Irrigation
Local Partners
Cooperative Society for Rural Development
Geographic Scope
Mount Lebanon
Farmers from Kartaba and the surrounding villages, and the Kartaba Charity Association
Increase in arable land of 250,000m2

Kartaba suffers from a lack of water, which is sorely needed for irrigation purposes. SEAL funded the excavation of a well 170 meters deep in an area where water had already been detected. Water was then pumped from the well to the surrounding villages, and now irrigates 250,00m2 of farmland in Kartaba. The cost of the project included the cost of digging, adding a 12” steel protective layer, and installing a 35HP pump and iron pipes together with the necessary electrical cables and electrical board station. This was SEAL’s second water project in Kartaba.

This project is a part of SEAL’s IRRIGATION NETWORK program, which digs wells and installs irrigation systems throughout Lebanon.


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