Corn harvesting in Drayb
Focus Area
Land & Agriculture
Local Partners
Le Bon Lait - Cooperative of Milk & Dairy Products
Geographic Scope
Moghraka, Akkar, North Lebanon
150 farmers

The farmers of Drayb planned to start planting and harvesting green corn in the nearby fertile and well-irrigated farmland of Bekayaa, to be used as animal feed. Green corn is considered ideal as cow feed, as it increases milk production, keeps cows healthy and improves milk quality. In addition, the fact that it can be planted off-season allows a more efficient use of the land, and brings in extra income for farmers. SEAL funded the purchase of a second-hand corn harvester that reaps and shreds corn to facilitate its fermentation. As a result of this purchase, the farmers save $15/ton on the transportation cost of the fermented corn that they currently bring from the Bekaa at a cost of $20/ton.


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