Water purification in Hermel
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Water & Irrigation
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MADA Association
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Bekaa Lebanon

SEAL funded part of a water purification system to limit pollution in the Akkar area as part of the Al Jord project. The system entailed the introduction of circulation pumps in between vats and injecting oxygen so as to accelerate the degradation of effluents.

Clean water is a scarce resource in the Akkar region, so the treatment and purification of polluted water is a priority, particularly for the survival of local agriculture.

Al Jord is an eco-tourism project in one of Lebanon's most beautiful areas, on the border between Hermel, Denniye and Akkar, at an altitude of 2,000 meters, on the Northern slopes of the Kornet-el-Saouda mountain.

Its aim is to develop and protect the mountains and forests of the region through wastewater recycling, waste management and solar energy promotion. MADA is an NGO working on the socio-economic development of the region while preserving the environment.


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