Fishing nets in Al-Mina
Focus Area
Fishermen & the Sea
Local Partners
Al-Mina Fishermen Syndicate and Northern Cooperative Association of Fishermen
Geographic Scope
Tripoli, North Lebanon
453 farmers

Following the success of its fishnet distribution in Tyre and Sidon, SEAL sponsored the distribution of 1,444 fishing nets to 722 fishermen of Al-Mina, Tripoli in July 2012.

This project consisted in distributing two large fishnets with two different twine strength (0.20mm and 0.22mm) to each Al-Mina fisherman. These fishnets not only replace each fisherman’s old and smaller equipment, but also conform to the regulations put in place by the Ministry of Agriculture that recommends using large nets (3mx180m) with larger mesh holes (20mm2) so as to contribute to the sustainability of the fish population. Large nets allow for more fish to be caught at once, while the large mesh enable the younger fish to pass through it and therefore reduce and protect those fish not intended to be caught.

This project is a part of SEAL’s FISHING NET DISTRIBUTION program, which distributes large-mesh nets among under-served fishing communities to increase their productivity in an environmentally sustainable way.


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