Kiosks for artisanal produce in Bkessine
Focus Area
Women In The Workforce
Local Partners
Development for People and Nature Association
Geographic Scope
Jezzine, South Lebanon

At an average altitude of 950m, Bkessine is home to a pine forest covering one million square meters - the largest pine forest in Lebanon, and perhaps the Middle East.

SEAL funded the construction of 6 kiosks (shopping units) in the Bkessine/Jezzine area as part of a larger “Bkessine Public Garden” project initiated by the DPNA. The larger project included building a main entrance, picnic area, cafeteria, garden, playground and parking lot, thus transforming 21,000 m2 of the Bkessine pine forest into a large tourist attraction. Other funders of this larger project include Bank Med, Audi Bank, Byblos Bank, Exotica and Relief International among others.

SEAL funded the last leg of the project which included the purchase and installation of 6 kiosks, each measuring 5.95m2, used by the area’s women and youth to sell local products such as the well known Jezzine cutlery, locally made foods, pine from the Bkessine pine trees and more.


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