Fishing nets in Tyre
Focus Area
Fishermen & the Sea
Local Partners
Tyre Fishermen Association and the Development for People and Nature Association
Geographic Scope
South Lebanon
400 fishermen

As mentioned in the description of the Saida fishing net project which SEAL funded a year earlier, Lebanon's fishermen are among the country's most impoverished communities.

In this case, SEAL purchased a total of 4,000 nets to 400 Fishermen of Tyre, in partnership with Tyre's Fishermen Union, the Development for People and Nature Association/DPNA and the municipality of Tyre. The distribution of 10 nets to each fisherman significantly helps them in providing for their families.

This project is a part of SEAL’s FISHING NET DISTRIBUTION program, which distributes large-mesh nets among under-served fishing communities to increase their productivity in an environmentally sustainable way.


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