Computer & English in public libraries
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ASSABIL, Friends of Public Libraries Association
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With financial support from SEAL, ASSABIL was able to organize free language and computer classes for the public at 15-20 public libraries in Lebanon between March 2008 and September 2009.

They were also able to hire regular trainers to conduct free computer and English language classes at each of the participating libraries. ASSABIL worked with these trainers to organize tailored classes that responded to the needs and interests of the resident communities they served.

ASSABIL organized 4-week and 6-week sessions of computer and language classes. The classes met 2-3 times per week for a minimum of 90 minutes each time. Trainers were paid $300 for each multi-week session that included a minimum of 12 meetings.

Those who benefited the most from such training programs were people who rarely if ever had the opportunity to take advantage of computer or language classes – either because they were not available or because they lacked the financial resources to pay for such services.

The skills they acquired in the classes were essential and aimed at enabling the participants to take part in the economic life of the country.


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