Apple rootstocks in Tannourine
Focus Area
Land & Agriculture
Local Partners
Municipality of Tannourine
Geographic Scope
North Lebanon
400 farmers

SEAL bought 12,399 apple rootstocks for a total amount of $35,580 - from the lowest bids of 3 vendors who submitted offers - to distribute to 400 farmers in four villages in the Batroun area. The project was similar to the highly successful one funded by SEAL in the Bcharre area in 2006.?? The apple farms were the main, if not sole, source of income for many of these farmers. Each farmer received 12 tree roots at a price of $2.80 per root depending on the capacity of their land.

This was the first project undertaken by SEAL with the Municipality of Tannourine. The 12,399 apple tree roots were distributed to the following five villages:• Wara Hawb
• Shetine
• Tannourine El Fawaa
• Tannourine El Tahta
• El Wadi

Land and People was a rural development program working to improve the livelihoods of people in South Lebanon, by providing them with the tools and skills needed to increase and enhance the production and marketing of their local products. The approach involved going from village to village in three “mobile rural clinics”, providing training sessions and workshops on specific issues, offering agricultural advice, carrying out soil tests, and distributing material and equipment where needed.

In collaboration with SEAL, Land and People worked with 400 farming families in 31 villages south of the Litani, in order to:
• Support the formation and operation of farmers and producers’ associations (4 associations, 63 members)
• Implement 4 workshops and 6 public lectures, benefiting 200 farmers.
• Conduct monthly extension visits to more than 400 farmers
• Respond to emergency requests
• Carry out 60 free of charge water and soil analyses in 5 villages
• Recommend fertilization programs for banana and citrus to the beneficiaries of the soil and water tests as well as to other farmers
• Assist farmers in the cultivation of sumac, sesame, cumin, wheat, barley, and thyme: 375,000 seedlings of thyme were distributed to 75 farmers and 168 sumac tree seedlings to 7 farmers
• Introduce farmers to the production of compost from banana leaves
• Distribute 1,160 egg-laying hens to 57 farmers
• Help in the production, packaging, and marketing of laurel soap and food products

These activities resulted in the perceptible improvement of the livelihoods of the beneficiaries. The 75 thyme growers earned nearly $2,000 from their fields, for a total of $150,000. Great savings in fertilizers and pesticides were also achieved.

This project is a part of SEAL’s ROOTSTOCKS DISTRIBUTION program, which is committed to upgrading Lebanon’s agricultural supply chain through the distribution of high-grade fruit tree rootstocks.


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