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This was SEAL's fourth project with INJAZ.

SEAL partly sponsored INJAZ's annual forum “Majal' 07: Cooperation to Generate Opportunities” which was held at the Metropolitan Hotel in Beirut.
The forum’s aim was to help equip Lebanon's future workforce with the skills, knowledge and experience that would help them to get and keep them jobs in the new economy - jobs that would simultaneously suit their individual personal capabilities and meet the market needs.

By voicing their opinions, Lebanese youth led this initiative. Representatives of the educational and the business sectors along with policy makers got an opportunity to better understand how the youth think about their future and the possible ways to invest in them.

The country’s strongest asset is a qualified and well-oriented human capital which is the key to economic growth and sustainability.

The forum focused on:
• Establishing grounds for cooperation between the private sector, the educational sector and the policy makers
• Empowering youth to voice their concerns and providing representatives from different sectors with the means and ideas that would enable them to invest in a new generation of successful professionals
• Setting recommendations and practical initiatives for active participation in enhancing opportunities


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