Rural development in the South
Focus Area
Land & Agriculture
Local Partners
American University of Beirut
Geographic Scope
Aita El Shaab, South Lebanon

The Lebanese agricultural sector has been under stress for over 30 years and the war has aggravated the situation, especially in the South of the country where agriculture remains an important component of people's livelihood.

In partnership with the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences at AUB, SEAL donated $25,000 for the creation of a mobile rural development unit ('Rural bus').

The Rural Bus fulfills multiple roles:
• ?The unit is manned by two agriculture engineers covering crop and animal production specialties.
• The bus houses a small public library containing agriculture and non-agriculture books and magazines.
• Included is an IT training center consisting of a broadband internet hub and wireless peripherals to help in farmers' training, in accessing agricultural information systems and IT instruction.

An additional $15,000 was allocated to the biodiversity conservation program of the Laurel soap by the women of Aita Al Shaab.


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