Al Baqa housing project
Focus Area
Local Partners
Association for the Development of Rural Capacities (ADR)
Geographic Scope
South Lebanon

This is the third project SEAL undertakes with ADR, this time cooperating on a housing project for the fishermen of Tyre (80 families overall).

The community of the fishermen of Tyre belongs to one of the most marginalized socio-economic groups in the country. An obsolete technology coupled with military ad security considerations limit the possibility of fishing near the seashore and thus result in serious over fishing. The families have no access to health facilities, medical plans or retirement support schemes.

In addition to creating an ecological disaster, the shelling and leakage of around 25,000 tons of fuel oil to the Mediterranean Sea in July 2006 also left thousands of Lebanese fishermen jobless and without any source of income.

The fishermen's small, old and humid houses have become overcrowded and doctors testify to the high levels of cold, asthma and rheumatism amongst the fishermen's families in the old Tyre area.
SEAL contributed to the housing project by providing funds to cover plumbing expenses.


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