Capacity building in Tyre
Focus Area
Land & Agriculture
Local Partners
Association D’Aide Au Developpement Rural (ADR)
Geographic Scope
South Lebanon

This project targeted two small groups of entrepreneurs in South Lebanon (mainly in Tyre and Marjayoun): individuals focused on providing short-stay hosting services for tourists in South Lebanon; and individuals/cooperatives working in agro-processing and the supply of artisan products.

ADR together with SEAL aimed to support economic recovery in South Lebanon, and boost the income of these targeted groups, by: establishing formal relationships between them so that they could cooperate; developing or reinforcing the skills they needed to succeed in their endeavors; and improving their asset base (e.g. machinery, computers etc.). SEAL funded this last initiative - asset building.

The beneficiaries of the project included:
• Ahlouna association (Meat mixer for $1,700)
• Houla cooperative (Olive oil harvesting and oil extracting equipment for $2,000)
• Halloussieh cooperative (Miscellaneous infrastructure repairs for $2,000)
• Taybeh cooperative (500-liter stainless steel water pool for $1,800)
• Arzoun cooperative (Contribution for agricultural truck for $600)
• Lore Haddad / Bed & Breakfast (Home appliances for $1,700)
• Souria Baradhi / Bed & Breakfast (Two beds, closet, bedroom painting for $1,700)
• Janette Al Hajj / Bed & Breakfast (Furniture and home appliances for $1,800)
• Mona Farhat / Bed & Breakfast (Home appliances for $1,700)


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