Apple rootstocks in Bcharre
Focus Area
Land & Agriculture
Local Partners
Baskinta Cooperative
Geographic Scope
North Lebanon

SEAL bought 21,500 apple roots for a total amount of $45,000 - from the lowest bid of 3 vendors who submitted offers - to distribute to local farmers in the region.

The apple farms were the main, if not only, source of income for many of these farmers. Each farmer received between 50 to 200 roots at a price of $2 per root depending on the capacity of their land.

This was the first project undertaken by SEAL with the Cooperative of Kadisha for Agricultural Development and Production in collaboration with the mayors of various villages in the area of Bcharre.

The 21,500 were distributed as follows:
• Village of Hadath el Jobe: 2,000 roots
• Village of Hadchit: 3,500 roots
• Village of Bkarkacha: 3,000 roots
• Village of Ben: 2,000 roots
• Village of Bella: 2,000 roots
• Village of Bcharre: 7,000 roots
• Village of Diman: 2,000 roots
• $2,000 were spent on transportation and distribution

This project is a part of SEAL’s ROOTSTOCKS DISTRIBUTION program, which is committed to upgrading Lebanon’s agricultural supply chain through the distribution of high-grade fruit tree rootstocks.


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