Marzipan workshops in Jbeil
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Business Skills
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Friends of Byblos
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Jbeil, North Lebanon

SEAL funded the creation of two marzipan confection workshops.

The Center of Arts and Crafts was set up to promote the development of the City of Jbeil - Byblos.

Its aim is to train young artists qualified in the following arts and crafts (typical of the region): cabinet making, wrought-iron work, ceramics and pottery, glassware, tapestry or rug making, mosaics, and wickerwork.

The center provides artists with a space to work and exhibit their creations free of charge. It also provides them with the opportunity to commercialize their creations through an international network made possible thanks to a tight cooperation with European cities, in the context of the “Biennale of Arts and Crafts”.


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