Rehabilitation of Thyme Fields
Focus Area
Land & Agriculture
Local Partners
Green Orient
Geographic Scope
Diverse areas of Chouf, Mount Lebanon
Direct beneficiares are 20 women. Indirect beneficiaries are 150 beekeepers who will benefit from natural thyme planted throughout the Chouf, improving quality of honey.
A combination of fires, expansion of residential land and local people switching to non-agricultural jobs has led to a reduction in the Chouf’s green areas and prairies, which are the primary source of nourishment for bees. This project sought to reverse this process by rehabilitating a field of thyme. Thyme was beneficial in two ways:
1. It provided job opportunities for local women, who picked and ground the thyme to be sold as zaatar (a popular and high value product in Lebanon)
2. Its nectar is attractive for bees, stimulating the local bee population. This in turn provided an increased quantity of high quality natural honey for local beekeepers (who had been recently trained through SEAL’s Tanin el Nahel Beekeeping project); and stimulated cross-pollination, supporting local ecosystems.

This project was a collaboration between 9 cooperatives and benefitted people across the entire Chouf region. It could be extended in future to include even more cooperatives.


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