Apple molasses, chips and vinegar production in Bazoun
Focus Area
Women In The Workforce
Local Partners
Bazoun Citizens Association
Geographic Scope
Bcharre, North Lebanon
31 members of the association and 4 workers at present.
The project aims to support women and families in Bazoun through the establishment of a food production center geared towards converting unsold apples into derivative products (including apple molasses, apple chips, vinegar and cider), as well as producing diverse other types of Mouneh.
The center will currently employ 4 people among them 3 women; the number of workers will increase to 7 within 2 years.
Employees will be trained to work on all the machines, washing and drying fruits, making vinegar, filling and capping process. In addition, they will be producing “Mouneh”, such as vinegar, tomato sauce, apple molasses, apple chips and pickles, mainly cucumber.
The Association started planning its own brand name, logo and slogan. Along with their agreement with Jean Raad (Food distributor) to market their products, they are seeking other distributors and they recently opened a business line with Al Jouda brand in Lebanon.
This project was made possible thanks to a grant from The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation


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