Drip Irrigation in Bkifa
Focus Area
Water & Irrigation
Local Partners
Bkifa Agricultural Cooperative
Geographic Scope
Rachaya, Bekaa
Direct beneficiaries are 17 farmers. Increase in arable lands of 45,000m2.

This project will ensure a sustainable irrigation network for this area of the Bekaa Valley, which is mostly planted with fruit trees. The modern technology of drip irrigation stops water waste, saves time for farmers, facilitates the irrigation of their crops and therefore ensures a higher quality and quantity of produce for them. SEAL will install driplines, and the farmers themselves will make connections between them. This project will be implemented concurrently with a drip irrigation project in Dardara, with information on best practices shared between the two cooperatives.

This project is a part of SEAL’s IRRIGATION NETWORK program, which digs wells and installs irrigation systems throughout Lebanon.


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