Equipment for Dairy Business in Moghraka
Focus Area
Land & Agriculture
Local Partners
Le Bon Lait Dairy Cooperative
Geographic Scope
Moghraka, Akkar
Direct beneficiaries are 40 men and women farmers and factory workers
Le Bon Lait is a cooperatively-owned dairy factory that produces cheese, milk and yogurt products that are distributed door to door in the Akkar area and sold in supermarkets as far away as Zouk, Mount Lebanon. This is the third time SEAL will be supporting Le Bon Lait, having delivered a corn harvester to them in 2013 and a refrigerated truck in 2015. The business is successful and makes a small profit, but the cooperative needs new equipment in order to improve the quality of products and the potential for distribution in line with food safety requirements. The chiller will allow them to sterilize pasteurized milk; the homogenizer to combine milk particles (particularly necessary since the cooperative collects milk from over 15 farmers) and the cooling room (with dimensions of 5m x 3m x 2.5m) is needed for storage.


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