Fishing Nets in Mount Lebanon
Focus Area
Fishermen & the Sea
Local Partners
8 fishing cooperatives
Geographic Scope
Mount Lebanon - Metn & Keserwan (Batroun, Jbeil, Bouar, Oukaibe, Safra, Tabarja, Jounieh, Dbaye & Dawra)
1088 fishermen
Fishermen in Lebanon are currently facing extraordinary hardship. Their livelihoods are under so much pressure that after the winter season, which usually destroys most of their fishing nets, they are left with no savings to refurbish their gear.

This project, SEAL’s sixth assisting fishermen, distributes large-mesh, strong Japanese fishnets to 1088 fishermen along the Mount Lebanon coastline in collaboration with 8 cooperatives.

The project will increase the fishermen’s income during the lifespan of the nets, improving their living standards and giving them the resources to continue to buy new nets at the end of each season. The large mesh fishnets will also reduce overfishing of young fish, contributing to replenishing Lebanon’s vastly depleted coastal fish stocks and increasing the sustainability of the fishing sector.

This project is a part of SEAL’s FISHING NET DISTRIBUTION program, which distributes large-mesh nets among under-served fishing communities to increase their productivity in an environmentally sustainable way.


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