Small truck for Chadra cooperative
Focus Area
Land & Agriculture
Local Partners
Agricultural Cooperative in Chadra
Geographic Scope
Chadra, Akkar, North Lebanon
SEAL will purchase a small truck (capacity: 3 – 5 tons) with tipper and trunk to transport agricultural produce – mostly olives – to the pressing center. Chadra cooperative has launched its own olive press, and this truck will allow farmers to use this press – which gives them the fairest possible price for their produce – rather than smaller and lower-quality presses that earn them less income, but are closer to their lands. Chadra also has a bio-fuel business creating coal from olive pits, and the truck will be used to distribute and sell bio-fuel to local people (encouraging the use of bio-fuel which has environmental and economic benefits for local people). Finally, the truck will be used to deliver bottled olive oil to the market: the cooperative has strong marketing and distribution channels and high quality produce, but need a sustainable way of transporting their produce.


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