Pick up truck for packaging & marketing center in Bater
Focus Area
Land & Agriculture
Local Partners
Bater agricultural cooperative
Geographic Scope
Bater, Chouf, Mount Lebanon
Bater agricultural cooperative is currently preparing a building to package and market local agricultural produce grown by farmers in the area. In order to support the marketing initiative, once the center opens, the cooperative requires a pick-up truck with a 5 ton capacity in order to transport the products from the center to markets, stores and customers (mostly in Saida and Beirut to begin with). 

This pick-up truck will save the farmers time and the cost of gas to drive their produce to markets, and will ensure direct access to the market rather than having to work through middle-men wholesalers who pay low rates for produce. The truck will lead to savings of 25% by farmers in selling costs, and will increase speed of delivery and freshness of products at the point of delivery.


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