Tanin el Nahel Beekeeping
Focus Area
Land & Agriculture
Local Partners
Tanin el Nahel Cooperative
Geographic Scope
Dmit, Chouf, Mount Lebanon
This project aims at developing the beekeeping sector and honey production by training experienced beekeepers as well as beginners, with a particular focus on women, to work in beekeeping. They were trained in the importance of the Queen Bee and its role in the life of the beehive, honey production and dealing with beehives, frames, candles and how to extract honey, cleaning and packaging, all through a series of trainings and orientations whose cost was covered by the association.

SEAL distributed 100 beekeeping suits, 100 beehives with frames, wood cutting machines and a honey separator to be shared by the cooperative members. The cooperative will then manufacture and sell beehives to beekeepers, while the members will sell honey to consumers.


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