Apple Chips in Mristy
Focus Area
Land & Agriculture
Local Partners
Mristy Cooperative
Geographic Scope
Mristy, Al Chouf, Mount Lebanon
Mristy village depends on the agriculture of apples. Apple farmers in Lebanon have been facing enormous financial issues in the past 3 years due to the closure of the land border with Syria, previously the major trading route for apples. This culminated in apple farmers burning their produce in 2016 in protest at the low market price of apples caused by low demand. This project proposes to provide a way for apple farmers to access new markets for their unsold apples, by turning them into chips. Mristy Cooperative will launch a factory to dry and package the chips.  The cooperative is confident that this healthy product will be in high demand in Lebanon and outside of the country. 

SEAL is hoping that this factory will serve as a model that we can replicate throughout the country to alleviate the apple production difficulties that apple farmers are facing today in Lebanon.


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