Fruit Serum Production In Zgharta
Focus Area
Women In The Workforce
Local Partners
Al Midan NGO
Geographic Scope
Ehden, Zgharta, North Lebanon
7 women factory workers and 23 Coop members.
The Fruit Serum Production in Zgharta project is setting up an innovative new social enterprise. Fruit serums are a high value added product, which is not currently widely produced in Lebanon. 7 women employees will be trained in food production techniques and 23 coop members will benefit from selling their produce. Other indirect beneficiaries include 120 local farmers who will sell their fruits to the factory at a guaranteed market fair price. SEAL implemented this project in partnership with a local NGO Al Midan and a network of 9 municipalities in North Lebanon connecting farmers to the project. Al Midan NGO set up the factory to produce serums (syrups) from oranges, apples and other fruits, for use in food production as well as cosmetics. The food processing machines have been provided by SEAL and are owned now by Al Midan. This project was made possible thanks to grants from Albergo Hotel in Lebanon, International Leaders (WIL) of Greater Philadelphia, and SEAL.


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