Truck for Waste Sorting in Sarafand
Focus Area
Land & Agriculture
Local Partners
Beam of the Environment Association (BEA)

Geographic Scope
Sarafand, Zahrani, South Lebanon
8 direct (people employed to sort waste) + 1500 indirect (households served after 1 year)

In June 2015, a waste sorting project was launched in Sarafand to sort and process waste at source, raise awareness around waste disposal, and reduce local dependence on landfill, with the ultimate aim of removing the need for the local hazardous landfill site altogether.

The waste sorting process involves several steps:
1) Separation of organic from non-organic wastes by citizens. 

2) Citizens call the association’s hotline on WhatsApp (to save costs) when 
bags are full to request door-to-door collection of non-organic material 
(aluminum, plastics, glass, paper, cardboard, cans). 

3) The association exchanges full bags with new ones, and to incentivize 
participation, each house receives a gift of hygiene and cleaning materials after filling 10 bags for collection.
4) The collected materials are assembled in the association’s sorting center, 
where workers complete a secondary sorting process to separate the 
types of non-organic materials.
5) These materials are sold to factories to be recycled.

These processes are based on international standards that have been demonstrated as the best solution for solid waste management. The sorting at source process together with the use of WhatsApp and the introduction of gifts as incentive make this an innovative project.

The project is already covering 600 households (about 3000 inhabitants) in Sarafand. The association’s small vehicle for door-to-door waste collection is no longer big enough given the increase in subscribers, and the larger vehicle requested from SEAL would enable the association to cover 1500 houses by the end of 2016. BEA is also supported with small grants from UNDP, Care, UNICEF, GEF and Search For Common Ground.


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