Water pipes in Al Nahr
Focus Area
Water & Irrigation
Local Partners
Farmers cooperative of Al Nahr hamlet
Geographic Scope
Al Nahr, Zgharta, North Lebanon
20 farmers

Al Nahr is a small hamlet in the Zgharta region, which suffers from high levels of deprivation. Water for irrigation is currently inefficiently distributed, with high levels of waste due to the use of traditional irrigation methods. The installation of 2000m of modern irrigation pipes will allow the transport of water from Wadi Al Kassab Spring to agricultural lands, guaranteeing water availability and increasing efficiency. The cooperative has never received grant funding or financing from other organizations.

This is the first project to be sponsored by the Ambassadors of SEAL, through a fundraising event that took place on April 27, 2017 in NYC. The Ambassadors are a group of motivated individuals with a shared mission to work towards sustainable development throughout Lebanon.

This project is a part of SEAL’s IRRIGATION NETWORK program, which digs wells and installs irrigation systems throughout Lebanon.


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