Olive oil bottling & collection in Zaarouriye
Focus Area
Women In The Workforce
Local Partners
Green Hills Organization
Geographic Scope
Zaarouriye, Al Chouf
15 direct (PT female employees) + 75 indirect (farmers)

Zaarouriye village alone contains 25,000 olive trees, with thousands more in the surrounding villages. Each year, local farmers produce the highest quality extra virgin olive oil, but have difficulties in selling their olive oil, often waiting several years. This is because the farmers sell their oil in tins rather than in bottles, so their marketing options are limited and they cannot access the export market. In response to this problem, the center will sell oil in bottles of 250ml, 500ml and 1l to local markets and ultimately for export.

The Zaarouriye olive oil bottling and collection center will be provided with equipment including stainless steel containers, and filling, capping and labeling machines, and aims to create a new image for the village.


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