Water well & pipes in Anjar
Focus Area
Water & Irrigation
Local Partners
Anjar municipality
Geographic Scope
Anjar, Bekaa
35 direct (farmers) + 100 indirect (students who receive tuition support from the project)

This project would guarantee a water supply for 3 decades, by increasing the availability of water and maximizing its efficiency in irrigating local orchards.

The project has two components:
1) Deepening of the existing drilled water well (depth: 100m) by an additional 50m. The current well provides an unsatisfactory water supply for the local area of 400,000m2 – in the past 3 years, it has dried up in late October (the end of the irrigation season) due to the severe decrease in rainfall.
2) Installation of 2000m of long-branch PVC pipes to enable drip irrigation in fruit orchards around Anjar. Currently, most orchards are being irrigated by flood irrigation, which consumes huge quantities of water. Drip irrigation networks will enable water savings of 40-50% and guarantee effective irrigation to assure high quality produce.

The beneficiaries will cover the costs of connecting the emitters from the main pipes to the trees. In addition, a committee under the authority of the municipality will offer around 40-50% of the profits from fruit sales to the local school, to cover the tuition of up to 100 poor students. The project is a continuation of SEAL’s 2015 project building water pipes in Anjar. The municipality has the ambition of transforming Anjar into a model “green town”.

This project is a part of SEAL’s IRRIGATION NETWORK program, which digs wells and installs irrigation systems throughout Lebanon.


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