Feed a Lebanese Family in Need Campaign
Focus Area
Local Partners
Beit El Baraka and Lebanese Food Bank
$1 Million
Geographic Scope
Throughout Lebanon
over $30,000 families

With the dire existing economic and humanitarian crises in Lebanon, further amplified at the start of 2020 by COVID19, it was necessary to take action to support needy Lebanese families with daily required food supplies. SEAL in partnership with Beit El Baraka and the Lebanese Food Bank, provided a one-month supply of essential foods to over 30,000 needy Lebanese families throughout Lebanon benefiting at the same time 1,000 SEAL farmers cooperatives grantees from all over Lebanon by buying many of their food products (mouneh items) for the donated food boxes.

This campaign kicked off at a Webinar hosted by SEAL on April 4, 2020, attended by over 200 people. Thanks to the support of many donors, $1 Million was pledged and donated to help feed the less fortunate.

Food boxes distribution covered the 8 governorates and 25 districts out of 26 in Lebanon. Distributions were made through the collaboration with 140 NGOs all over Lebanon, who applied strict quality control and monitoring procedures

A special thanks to the Volunteer Circle and their young volunteers that were helping perform quality control processes and transporting boxes for distribution and to the Lebanese Army for their tremendous help in transporting and delivering food boxes to the destined recipient NGOs in all areas, even the most remote ones. SEAL is also grateful to its local partners Beit El Baraka and the Lebanese Food Bank for their commitment and hard work in reaching and helping a large number of families over the course of four months (May-August) despite all the challenges they faced dealing with COVID 19 safety requirements, intermittent closures, food shortages, price fluctuations and security related matters.


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