SEAL supports LEBANON needs to provide medications to 230 patients for one month
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Lebanon Needs
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Throughout Lebanon
230 people

SEAL granted $10,000 to Lebanon Needs Organization to provide 230 Lebanese patients with their needed medications for one month.

Lebanon Needs (LN) is subsidizing the medications through 18 pharmacies across lebanon. LN is buying the medications from these pharmacies at discounted prices, who in turn provide them to the patients for free.

The pharmacies industry is suffering greatly from the economic and financial crisis in Lebanon and patients are less and less able to pay for their medications. Lebanon Needs' goal is to work on two main aspects of healthcare: accessibility and continuity. They are supporting people who do not have access to healthcare while helping pharmacies to turn over their stock and stay in business.

Lebanon Needs is a non-profit organization founded in 2019 dedicated to creating and delivering sustainable healthcare solutions for the underprivileged and underserved Lebanese population.

  • • They cover the cost of medications for patients (not covered by PHCs)
  • • They developed a network of about 100+ focal points in all districts of Lebanon. Focal points are doctors, pharmacists, social workers, whose role is to assess the needs of patients by using two questionnaires we designed and with help from local notables like municipality heads and religious figures
  • • Developed multiple databases for: a. Lower-cost generic medications/substitutes b. Patients (demographics, medication history, new prescribed meds and trends) c. Focal points (100+) d. Medical volunteers (150 locals & expats who registered with LN online) e. Medical Relief Lebanon (65 doctors, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, social workers on WhatsApp) f. HDF/Monot dispensary (50 doctors, pharmacists, social workers) g. Healthcare NGOs h. Mapping of current and available services for medical labs, PHCs, dispensaries, Red Cross organizations (ICRC, LRC) and MSF


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