SEAL supports beneficiaries in time of crisis and provides food to those in need
Focus Area
Local Partners
Lebanese Food Bank, Beit El Baraka and Sanabel Nour
Geographic Scope
Baalbeck, Marjeyoun, Damour, Sin El Fil, Bourj Hammoud, Nabaa and Tripoli
600 families in need and 16 cooperatives: Debbine, Coop Baskinta Coop, Khyara Coop, Sannine Coop, Jezzine Coop, Mejdel El Koura Coop, Mristy, Tanin El Nahel Coop, Sultan Yacoub Coop, Akkar, Wadi El Tym Women Cooperative, Farmers of Wadi Khaled, Souk El Habalssa Association, Bazoun Citizens' Association, Souweni Association, Green Orient Association and Akkar Beekeepers Union
The October 2019 protests brought to light the political, financial social and economic instability sweeping Lebanon. People are loosing their jobs in masses and hunger became a daily reality for many Lebanese. Estimates are putting the poverty level at 50% at this time of crisis.

As a response to the prevalent dire economic situation, SEAL is supporting its project beneficiaries by buying their mouneh products to help them through these rough times and in turn donating these products to other NGOs equipped to distribute them to the needy. 16 different food items: hommos, burghol, kickeck, zaatar, lentils, olive oil, Tomato sauce, tomato paste, pomegranate molasses, pickles, dried fruits, jams, organic goat Labneh with olive oil, apple vinegar and, honey and soap reached 600 families in need. A special thank you to the Zawtar Cooperative for their 50 tanks of olive oil (each 20 liters) donation in support of SEAL’s humanitarian efforts.

Distribution of the donations was managed through collaborations on the ground with the Lebanese Food Band, Beit El-Baraka and Sanabel Al-Nour, Tripoli.

SEAL has joined the many humanitarian efforts being deployed on the ground and would like to convey its deepest appreciation and gratitude to its partners in this effort.


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