Mechanical Harvesters for Olive Farmers in Bchaaleh
Focus Area
Land & Agriculture
Local Partners
Municipality of Bchaaleh
Geographic Scope
Bchaaleh, Batroun – North Lebanon
50 olive farmers, 1 project manager, 12 operators, 24 workers, 1cooperative
The municipality of Bchaaleh requested harvesters to protect the olive trees from damages due to bad harvesting practices and to ensure good oil production that will benefit the farmers.
The harvesting operation represents between 30-50% of the oil’s cost. In Lebanon, harvesting is done manually using combs at a production rate of 50 - 60 kg per day. Some growers beat the tree with a stick to increase their harvesting yield, however such practices destroy new shoots that will flower and bear the olive fruit next season, thus decreasing by up to 80% the orchard’s production and productivity levels in subsequent years. SEAL provided 12 battery-operated mechanical harvesters, i.e. a zero-emissions machine that emits no exhaust gas, therefore environmentally friendly in addition to their trolleys and batteries. These machines are usable in various terrains and specially designed to avoid damages to trees.


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