Soap factory in Gharifee
Focus Area
Women In The Workforce
Local Partners
Gharifee Cooperative
Geographic Scope
Gharifee, Chouf, Mount Lebanon
25 direct (female employees) + 100 indirect (farmers)

This project will allow the launch of a new soap factory to create, package and sell natural soap from the lower grade olive oil produced by local farmers. At capacity, 100kg of soap can be produced per hour and Gharifee is located in an olive oil production area which does not have any other soap factories. In addition to olive oil soaps, the organization will produce soaps with natural additives including mint and lavender.

The organization will create packaging for the soap to be sold in local markets, and also aims to export the soap to international markets including the United States. The organization has proposed this project after discussion with Lebanese supermarkets, with which it is close to signing contracts.

The equipment purchased includes a kettle, soap extruder and press.


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