Beehives Factory in Mhaydsse
Focus Area
Land & Agriculture
Local Partners
Mhaydsse Agricultural Cooperative
Geographic Scope
Rachaya, Bekaa
50 beekeepers
This project supports the establishment of a beehives factory in Mhaydsse. There are many beekeepers in the village but the problem is the unavailability of wooden beehives. The wooden factory will provide high quality beehives and distribute them to beekeepers at competitive prices. Based on the need study conducted by the Agricultural Cooperative of Mhaydsse there are around 150 beekeepers in their area who own about 8000 beehives, however, there is a need for additional 1500 beehives annually during spring and autumn seasons. They also conducted a study on production cost of the wooden beehives with iron TOL, depending on quantities manufactured; they can beat the market price.

SEAL is providing the equipment to support factory production: Italian electric planer machine, spindle saw, air compressor and other. Factory management is the main responsibility of the Board of Directors of the Mhaydsse Cooperative. It will supervise; provide materials for the production of the beehives at competitive prices that will improve the situation of beekeepers and their sustainability. The workers will have the expertise and know how to manufacture good quality beehives (kind of wood, size and paint to use) that comply with markets’ needs.

Moving forward, all beehive purchase orders for SEAL beekeeping projects will be done through the Beehives Factory in Mhaydsse.


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