Cider Making in Douma
Focus Area
Land & Agriculture
Local Partners
Douma Agricultural Cooperative
$38, 700
Geographic Scope
Batroun, North Lebanon
45 people consisting of 23 cooperative members and 22 farmers (30% women)
The project supports the Apple Value Chain (AVC) in response to the apple crisis that has been prevalent in Lebanon and the need to process the apple produce. It involves turning unsold apples into hard cider (crushing apples / pressing apples / fermenting / bottling / branding / selling to small shops). The cooperative is not currently collaborating with any NGO or other cooperatives, and farmers own the local apple orchards. SEAL is providing the equipment to the factory that will be producing the cider: apple mill, pressing machine, pump, fermenters (tanks), filter, rinsing machine, filling/shrink/labeling machine, wine corker/crown capper/champagne corker, neck freezer, pot for apple brandy and other.

· The project is expected to yield the following benefits:
· Apple waste will be used to feed animals and as organic compost to fertilize trees
· · Unsold apples will be purchased from farmers
· · A seasonal workforce will be employed in the factory
· · Sales of small shops in the region will be increased
· · Owners of apple orchards will be motivated to take care of their trees because of their potential profitability.


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