Zouk Al Habalsa Charity Women Association
Focus Area
Women In The Workforce
Local Partners
Zouk Al Habalsa Charity Women Association
Geographic Scope
Zouk Al Habalsa, Akkar, North Lebanon
40 women and farmers: 10 women working in manufacturing, 5 workers engaged in management and distribution, and 25 farmers from whom materials will be bought
The project aims to improve the development of women cooperatives to help underserved women in the village enhance their livelihoods. It also seeks to embed cooperative entrepreneurial education in women that are outside the educational, economical and social environment and help generate income increase by providing additional new food production. SEAL is providing the needed materials and equipment: kishek grinder, pomegranate peeling machine, thyme and sumac mill, eggplant piston, juice mixer, olive bullet, stand, gas, and other. Zouk Al Habalissa Association has identified the women and plans to rent a shop where they will work to display and sell their homemade products. Products will also be sold at stands in other local fairs. The project also supports local farmers who will sell their crops to the cooperatives.


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