Improving Olive Oil Extraction in Ebel Essaqi
Focus Area
Land & Agriculture
Local Partners
The Development Cooperative Association for Olive Culture and Oil Extraction in Ebel Essaqi
Geographic Scope
Ebel Essaqi, Marjeyoun, Nabatiyeh
11 Coop members, 10 workers, 2 maintenance workers and around 130 farmers selling their products to the factory or to other dealers.
This project is designed to improve the quality of olive oil and increase the capacity of the mill [by expediting the oil extraction process.] It will enable more farmers to benefit from the services of the mill, while improving the quality of their olive oil. In addition, it will allow local farmers to come together, exchange information and collaborate, building stronger social links between farmers in the surrounding areas.
The cooperative has already received grants of equipment from Mercy Corps and USAID, and has cooperated with the Ministry of Agriculture. SEAL grant consists of an oil separator with a capacity of processing 2,000 liters per hour which is expected to increase olive oil production by 40%.


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