Beekeeping and Organic Honey Production in Sannine
Focus Area
Land & Agriculture
Local Partners
Sannine Cooperative for Sustainable Agriculture (SCSA)
Geographic Scope
Sannine, Baskinta, Northern Metn, Mount Lebanon
This project aims to establish an exemplary organic honey business, which is in high demand in the markets. It will also seek to obtain the CCPB certification body in accordance with European Regulations for Organic Farming. “CCPB certifies organic and eco-friendly sustainable products all over the world. It accomplishes the guidelines of Rule ISO 17065 establishing the criteria and the fundamentals that any certification body has to respect on international basis.

SEAL is providing the Sannine Cooperative for Sustainable Agriculture (SCSA) with 75 beehives each containing around 14 frames of adult bees with their produced honey, 150 empty beehive wooden boxes with their lids, 150 extra wooden layers, 200 kilos of wax and 4,000 kilos of sugar. These will be used for the new generations of bees that would be developed during the coming seasons.

To insure the project sustainability, SCSA entered into an agreement with Biomass Company to sell its certified organic honey produce. Developing beekeeping practices in accordance with international regulations and insuring beekeepers compliance with the Coop’s regulations for production of organic honey will ensure the highest quality of organic honey production. Hence, it will bring good revenue for the cooperative; in turn it will allow it to pay the salaries of needed laborers and engineers. Additional profit will be used to expand the project in the future.

As a start, 15 cooperative members will benefit directly from this project; the number of beneficiaries is expected to increase to 30 individuals in 2 years.


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