Water tank in Ghousta
Focus Area
Water & Irrigation
Local Partners
Lebanese Maronite Missionaries Association, Father Omar El Hachem, +961 3312882
Geographic Scope
Keserwan, Mount Lebanon
30 farmers employed, amongst them 10 women who help in harvesting. Expected net profit per dunum is $400-500. 35% of the profits distributed among farmers; 35% spent as expenses for pesticides and chemicals; 30% for the monastery to be used for restoration of land.
Ghousta suffers from a shortage of water for irrigation. A water tank alleviated this issue. Before the project was launched, Ghousta had already benefitted from donations worth over $80,000 from companies, the local convents and local people. These allowed them to implement stages A and B of the project – reclaiming the land by building new terraces, and planting it with orange and kiwi trees. They sought SEAL’s support to implement stage C of the project – assuring a steady water supply.


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