Equipment for Al Taybeh mouneh production
Focus Area
Women In The Workforce
Local Partners
Al Taybeh Cultural and Social Forum (NGO), Kamal Nasrallah, +961 3 731 680
Geographic Scope
Marjeyoun, South Lebanon
6 full-time jobs created; 38 women cooperative members increase production by 50% and save an extra 30%; farmers gain $27,000 per year from selling produce to the cooperative
The project aims to support women and families in Al Taybeh by increasing their economic role. Women will be provided with industrial equipment to support them in the making of their homemade products, with a focus on zaatar, sumac and sesame. The proposed project aims to maintain the traditions of making homemade products, and develop these techniques, preventing their extinction as well as encouraging the citizens of Taybeh to stay in their lands and contribute to the development of rural area’s economy. Al Taybeh’s economy mainly relies on agriculture (lentils, olives, wheat, grains and fruits). The machines will be used throughout the year, around 3 – 5 days per week, for 4 hours per day.


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