Orange blossom water in Maghdouche Phase 2
Focus Area
Land & Agriculture
Local Partners
Maghdouche orange blossom cooperative
Geographic Scope
Maghdouche, South Lebanon
85 cooperative members

Maghdouche is famed for its Bou Sfeir orange trees – grown in the area for over 100 years because of the favorable climate – and the fine taste of its orange blossom water. Maghdouche cooperative was formed in 1995 and it produces 80 tons of orange blossom per year, 55 tons of which are sold, with 35 tons turned into orange blossom water. The cooperative runs a large distillation factory of 250m2, whose establishment was supported by grants including one from SEAL.

The cooperative needed to build a center for packaging, storing and selling orange blossom in order to benefit from their high reputation. They requested SEAL’s support to build a concrete hangar of 250m2 with a metal roof, on land guaranteed for 99 years by the Patriarchy.

This project was sponsored by The Abraham Foundation.


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