Zaatar production in Wadi El Taym
Focus Area
Women In The Workforce
Local Partners
Women Agriculture Cooperative of Wadi el-Taym
Geographic Scope
Rachaya, Bekaa
26 women in the cooperative
Reduce in production costs by 18%

Today, zaatar from Wadi el-Taym has become a sought-after kind of thyme throughout the country. The cooperative currently produces this zaatar baladi using antiquated and outdated equipment. The increase in demand for the thyme prompted the cooperative to look for ways to increase and automate production through the purchase of new advanced equipment. They asked SEAL to fund the purchase of such equipment, which included a stainless steel roasting machine, a mixer, automatic filler, grinder, three large containers (capacity of 600kg) and a conveyer belt. Production costs were reduced by 18% as a result of this equipment installation thus allowing the beneficiaries to increase their income.


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