Olive harvesting in Ain El Deleb
Focus Area
Land & Agriculture
Local Partners
Municipality of Ain El Deleb
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This project entailed purchasing an olive harvesting machine & dumper to enable farmers in the region to benefit from their agriculture, generating an additional income while saving production time and production costs.

Ain El Deleb is a village in the South of Lebanon with a population of 2500. The agriculture of olives is considered the main secondary source of income for about 200 families in Ain El Deleb.

Despite its importance, olive cultivation before 2015 was still traditional and based on manual work.

The dumper carries around 1,000kg and moves easily in fields and narrow roads. This project therefore facilitated an increase in productivity, as well as an increase in the olive oil quality (because the harvesting process was shortened, so the olives did not need to be kept in storage for several days before pressing) and increased ease of transportation.


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